WRECHE | All my dreams came true


"...zeniths of unhinged violence, visions of cosmic magnificence, twisted psychedelic dreams, episodes of spellbinding seduction and mountainous grandeur, moods of loneliness, pain, anguish, grief, and perhaps hints of hope — all of it dynamically delivered in both rich, near-overpowering tapestries of sound and also through focused but stylistically varied piano soloing, which is sometimes soft and simple and sometimes clamorous and jaw-dropping in its virtuosity.

The album will keep you perched on the edge of your seat, because you won’t see the changes coming..."

- No Clean Singing

"'All my dreams came true' is utterly hypnotic and entrancing, devastatingly haunting, and almost uncomfortably personal.  There's a gothic horror undercurrent flowing through the album, and in case it isn't coming through, it absolutely blew me away.  It's unlike anything I've ever heard, and each time I've listened to it since, I've discovered something new and grotesquely beautiful."


- Brutalitopia

"The final result of these two contrasting sounds, which are repeated throughout the release, is an agonizingly mesmerizing release. All my dreams come true over and over again moves the listener from the heights of expression that black metal can offer to the dregs of the human experience that it can explore. Like mysticism itself, it aspires for the divine and the beautiful while wallowing in the physical and the ugly. It’s a complicated release which approaches black metal from a perspective that is wholly its own and that, if you’re a fan of the hidden potentials of black metal, you shouldn’t miss out on. It’s truly a unique experience."

- Heavy Blog is Heavy